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V/Soft Software specializes in providing technical services and advanced software solutions for IBM's leading edge mainframe virtualization operating system, z/VM. We provide expert systems and application programming consulting services, either on-site at a customer's location or remotely, via secure VPN connections from the Internet. We address all aspects of z/VM usage, specializing in the following areas:
Because z/VM is extremely flexible and tailorable to meet the diverse needs of many different organizations, it is an excellent platform to host e-business efforts. We can help justify, configure, and install solutions that are both cost effective and take competitive advantage of z/VM's world-class strengths:



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V/Soft Software, Inc.


The PCRE library (Perl Compatible Regular Expression, http://www.pcre.org/) has now been ported to the IBM zSeries, for both z/OS and z/VM environments! Download it from the Downloads page.
Protecting your critical and sensitive z/VM data by encrypting it when it is written to tape or disk. Our VM/Encrypt-Backup product protects z/VM data that is being backed up and restored by IBM's Backup and Restore Manager for z/VM V1.3, while our new VM/Encrypt-Tape product provides encryption support for any z/VM application that uses the standard CMS tape interfaces to perform tape input and output.  The Products link above has more information on these two new products.
Installation and configuration of z/VM on the latest generation of IBM zSeries processors, including VM's RSCS, TCP/IP, DIRMAINT, VM SSL server, and DFSMS/VM features.
Installation and configuration of popular z/VM program products from both IBM and third-party z/VM software vendors, including Cestrian Software, Computer Associates, and VM Resources.
Installation, configuration, and management of Linux for zSeries, either as a guest system under z/VM or running natively in an LPAR. Multiple Linux for IBM zSeries images can take advantage of the very high network bandwidth z/VM provides for guest operating systems to easily construct high performance "virtual" Linux farms with very high availability, reliability, serviceability, and security.
Server consolidation of multiple distributed physical servers onto a single z/VM system running multiple virtual Linux servers for greater reliability, availability, scalability, and security.
z/VM system programming and application development training, including "hands on" experience with advanced CMS tools such as the Reusable Server Kernel (RSK), XEDIT, CMS PIPELINES, Rexx, and Assembler.
Customized access to z/VM data and services from a company's intranet or the Internet, including Web-enabling z/VM applications and providing Web access to DB2/VM databases and QMF forms and procedures.